Unavailable April 28 2018

Hi! Due to some personal emergency i was unavailable on internet and i am deeply sorry for the inconvenience that has caused to all the users of coinpot with no balance or site issues, But i am back today and i will have the balances filled within 2 days so everyone can claim their earned coins. And also our Bitcoinalk account is hacked/lost due to which i wont be able to reply their, if you have any issues you can reach me at skype id: Bitvertise

New Offerwall March 28 2018

Hi, Now we have 4 offerwalls with high paying offers please check them out at Offerwall

Coin Exchange March 28 2018

We have just launched new feature where you can exchange your collected coins to any other coins you like easily Visit: Exchange for more info!

Faucet Timers March 27 2018

We have added new feature where you can now select different times of claim currently we have 3 timers: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and soon we will make till 6 hours according to the response we receive.