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Faucet updates Dec 18 2017

We lost most important adnetworks in last month, so we are bound to remove some coins from faucet/bonus.
We looking now for new ad networs to cover faucet costs .
We still have one of top paying BTC faucet from FAUCETHUB.io , 15 sat when others pay 2-10.

DOGE balance will be filled every day as often as possible so you can withdraw your coins .
Thank you and have a nice week!

Again withdraws ...Dec 17 2017

Because of big number of pending withdraws, we need your help to tell us wich payment was completed and wich not.
Read more on Withdraw Page

Ads options Dec 16 2017

Now you have the option to select how many popup/popunder ads you want to face it !
Read more on Ads Settings

Few changes... Dec 14 2017

First, I want to thank you for being wonderful.
Second, we need to make few changes so all of you be happy...yes, again!
FAUCETS, as you all know, go through a difficult time. All ad networks accept them for few days to test and then reject because the traffic not converting.
We lost Cointraffic and Coinzilla! Others networks dont have advertisers because BTC HIGH PRICE!
This things also happened on shortners with whom we "collaborate". Most of them reduced the CPM with up to 40% , the others dont want to pay .
We removed most of shortners created and owned by faucethub users, because we all lost from them .
The result you can view in bonus links rewards . Now are available only shortners who pay per unique views, so you can get only few bonuses per day . I am sorry for this.
Dont worry, everyone will receive the coins as soon as possible.
Thank you !

Offerswall is live! Dec 10 2017

Offerswalll is a new way to earn more coins than using bonus links or faucet.
+ now you can buy coinpot jackpot tickets.

LTC has run dry! Nov 25 2017

Our monkey webmaster added an extra "0" on LTC rewards and the balance run dry so fast ! No bananas for him today!
Users who made an withdraw, enjoy the LTC.
For the other users , we removed the extra.
Sorry for this !

On new VPS Nov 17 2017

coinPOT.win is now on new vps server . Sorry for timeout.

coinPOT added Nov 11 2017

What is coinPOT ?! Is a simple lottery/jackpot like game, where a member at the end of the round get the "coinPOT" .

New start Nov 08 2017